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ShibataFenderTeam: Commitment to Quality, Durability and Service Excellence

In addition to our responsible manufacturing system, we value to establish a strong and trustful relationship with our clients throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to installation and beyond. Our commitment to service excellence includes comprehensive maintenance services for fender systems. Maintenance is another sustainability factor in the fender industry, and along with our goals, one that we put our emphasize on. Well maintained fenders will increase operational lifetime and reduce potential accidents and in turn, avoid wasting resources.

Maintenance holds significant importance for both the end-user and operator of a port or terminal. This significance becomes particularly visible in harsh and corrosive environments, where the upkeep of fender systems is of paramount importance. Consistently maintaining all components of the fender system can aid in identifying potential damages in their initial phases and enables prompt intervention.

Planned inspections and a maintenance program serve to reduce and avoid the risk of failure and to extend a fender’s lifecycle.

We advise our clients to conduct periodic assessments to reduce wear and tear, thus enhancing the service life of the fenders. Several factors come into play, such as the raw material of the fender system (e.g., rubber, foam) and the environmental conditions.

The checklist for preventive maintenance, and a table with recommended levels of maintenance can be found in our Installation, Operation and Maintenance Brochure (English, for other languages click here).

Through these assessments, clients can identify areas of improvement and consult with the local SFT offices to discuss further actions to ensure optimal performance.

We highly value to be at our client’s side, and therefore offer to conduct the site assessment including a customized maintenance plan to assess the condition of the marine furniture as one of the many services to our customers.

Implementing a suitable maintenance scheme and providing proper training to port personnel guarantees a long service life of fender systems.

ShibataFenderTeam is your partner, offering after sales service and maintenance support to ensure a sustainable handling of your fender system. Contact us for more information.


Refurbishment of fenders is part of our sustainable services.

A prime example is our foam fender reskinning process. After years of continuous service, the outer skin of thick nylon-reinforced polyurethane that provides wear protection may become worn. Reskinning the foam fender can extend its lifetime even further.

In 2021, we performed this service for the Port of Kiel in Germany. The fenders, in service for approximately ten years, exhibited typical signs of wear and abrasion on the outer polyurethane (PU) skin. Despite this, the fenders still delivered the required performance. However, to prolong their lifespan, we recommended overhauling them. Our service involved transporting the fenders to our production plant in Rechlin, Germany, where our experts thoroughly inspected them for necessary repairs.

At our plant, which is equipped not only for manufacturing high-quality and sustainable fenders but also for foam fender overhauls, we embarked on renewing the PU skin. This process entailed removing the existing PU layers and applying a new skin (actual thickness depends on the fender's dimensions) to the prepared fender surfaces. As part of the overhaul, we typically replace the internal chain, swivel, swivel plate, and bolts, as corrosion inevitably occurs on steel elements exposed to seawater for a decade. The refurbishment of foam fenders through reskinning offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to purchasing new ones, further underscoring our commitment to sustainability.

As a reliable partner dedicated to sustainability, the SFT Group extends this service to our clients, providing them with an opportunity to extend the lifespan of their foam fenders while minimizing environmental impact.


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