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Being needed around the world, our fender systems are sometimes long-haul travelers. Between the manufacturing facility and their final destination in global ports, fender systems are usually transported by truck, vessel or train.

As a company focused on sustainability, we make an impact by favoring carriers who are committed to a zero carbon shipping goal. Along the supply chain, we evaluate where we can make an impact, and how.

One of our partners, the shipping company Maersk which aims to be climate-neutral by 2040, operates their fleet on green fuels. They support their clients, in this case us, to reach our ambitious carbon reduction goals. Maersk ECO Delivery is a sustainable choice to transport our fender systems responsibly and to move closer to net-zero emissions from supply chain related activities.

With regards to hinterland transportation, we also place special attention to truck and train carriers who operate on LNG or eco-power. Besides huge efforts of transforming their vehicle fleet, many freight forwarding companies engage in a variety of initiatives of e.g. protection of species or resource protection. Altogether important initiatives, well appreciated by the ShibataFenderTeam Group, and being a decisive factor for starting a cooperation.

Although being spread around the world and partly in remote locations, we have our supply chain in close sight, being aware of how our decision for a carrier makes an impact to greener distribution, and our overall goal, a better tomorrow.


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