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Providing safety critical fender systems, ShibataFenderTeam has a strong focus on manufacturing all major components in-house ensuring highest quality and reliability at their own production facilities. Where buy-in items are required these are sourced from pre-approved and reputable suppliers. All manufacturing is done strictly in accordance with ShibataFenderTeam specifications, drawings, calculations and quality requirements, in order to ensure a safe and reliable fender system. 


Manufacturing in Malaysia and Japan

Our rubber fender manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and Japan have an extensive proven track record of producing high quality rubber fenders. With a broad variety of molds we can manufacture cone fenders, cell fenders and arch fenders, amongst others. An extensive quality control of raw materials, production processes and the final product is part of the daily operations at our manufacturing facilities. Both facilities have state-of-the-art test equipment.

In addition to rubber fender manufacturing, Shibata Industrial has their own mixing plant for rubber compound in Malaysia, to ensure even more control over the entire production process. As it has a great influence on the quality of the fenders, a perfect mixing process has always been of paramount importance to us. Our two-stage mixing plant is a natural consequence of that priority – an investment that once again underscores our commitment to quality products and to the market. With this new plant, ShibataFenderTeam is the first fender manufacturer to use the latest generation of compound mixers and associated technology.

Manufacturing Malysia

Manufacturing in Germany

Our German production facility operates since the early nineties. Having started with the production of HD-PE Sliding Fenders, steel fabrication and corrosion protection, the employees have continuously built on their knowledge, developing true expertise in their fields. Nowadays, we manufacture high-quality steel panels for rubber fender systems and are able to handle orders with the impressive dimensions of 11 m x 3,05 m, weighing over 29t (Parallel Motion Fender for Dunkirk, France) and processing special steel grades withstanding temperatures as low as -55 degrees Celsius.


Since 2014, we extended our production scope to Foam Fenders and Buoys. Manufacturing foam products in Germany serves the growing demand in Europe and allows us a greater flexibility and better service for our clients. We are able to produce Ocean Guard Fenders, Ocean Cushion Fenders, Donut Fenders, and Buoys


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