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Engineering excellence means that our partners can be confident in expecting the best from us in all areas.

To ensure they're up to the task, we design our fender systems with an eye for the big picture, while paying attention to every little detail. The rubber unit is a crucial component of the system, but it is only as good as the system's overall design. Each project is unique, so our experts analyze every condition in detail to design the most suitable fender system.

Since our main goal is to tailor everything to the needs of our clients, we don't go for the first solution that presents itself; our engineering presents first-class solutions. There are many details to consider, such as the minimum and maximum standoff distance, the maximum deflection and multiple contact requirements. Careful planning is essential when striving to create the perfect fender system for every project. The engineering process is highly complex, but only excellence creates real value. As a multinational company, ShibataFenderTeam delivers German and Japanese precision and accuracy, both in engineering and manufacturing.

Application engineering as well as detailed design, drafts work and structural analyses are typically prepared by our in-house engineering team.

The following videos are an impressive example of SFT engineering skills - 1. Fly around a fender system and 2. -See a fender system comes to live

Our experienced and highly skilled colleagues all around the globe are value engineers, in a sense, creating solutions that are ideal for the client and on-site conditions. A long proven track record in the marine construction industry unites all our specialists. All ShibataFenderTeam products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with PIANC 2002, BS 6349, EAU 2012, EC3, DIN 18800, BS 5950 and AISC.


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