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Special Solutions.

Ball Fenders.

Ball Fenders are rubber units in half ball shape, typically used in connection with fenderracks on dredgers.


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Customized designed fender systems for ship-to-ship operation, of dredgers, floating cranes or similar; typically based on H-Beam structures with UHMW face pads and a rubber fender unit.


Fender Bars.

Fender Bars are molded rubber units which can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Fender Bars are available in square or rectangular shape, ranging from 150 mm to 300 mm. Lengths can be customized according to clients requirements. The emedded steel plate provides additional strength to resist heavy duty impacts and shear forces.

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Fender Bar Dimensions
Type W H E F Anchors Weight
kg / m
FB15-15 150 150 250 500 M24 38
FB15-20 150 200 250 500 M24 43
FB20-20 200 200 250 500 M30 65
FB20-25 200 250 250 500 M30 77
FB20-30 200 300 250 500 M30 88

Shear Fenders.

The Shear Fender combines top and bottom steel plates embedded into the rubber body. The rubber mid section of the fender in stiff during compression but provides load deflection in shear.


Shear Fenders are available in two typical designs and different sizes.

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Shear Fender Dimensions
Type Ø A
Bolts Energy
SF400-180 400 180 525 525 405 405 - 136 22 M24 10.0 147
SF500-260 500 260 710 550 440 430 80 190 35 M30 25.5 250
SF500-275 500 275 610 610 510 510 - 231 32 M24 24.9 216

PU Pile Fenders.

SFT supplies PU half shells with embedded steel core for protection of steel piles. 





We provide ladders made from PU, rubber or steel. Steel Ladders are delivered in one piece, PU and Rubber Ladders are modular and flexible. These ladders are corrosion resistant and can be equipped with additional steel extensions.

All three types are available with optional handrails. Rubber Ladders resist deformation and even provide some fendering.  


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