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Shibata Fender Team


We offer a wide range of products for marine applications which exploit our knowledge in rubber, steel, polyurethane and polyethylene. You can expect high-quality products at competitive prices.  

Rubber Fenders.

High performance rubber fender systems for various applications, typically in areas with low variation in water level. Fixed Fenders are mostly equipped with steel panels to allow for a low hull pressure. 


Foam Fenders.

High performance foam fender systems for various applications with the focus on projects with high variations in water levels and for cruise terminals. Other foam products are used as navigational aids and security barriers. 


Pneumatic Fenders.

High performance fender systems for various applications with the focus on projects with high variations in water levels and  ship-to-ship operations. 



Corner Fenders.

Fender systems to protect exposed corners against ship damages and to facilitate safe turning manoevres.


Rolling Fenders.

Fender systems especially suitable to provide ship guidance in narrow areas. A wide range of types and performances is available to suit almost all project requirements. 


Extruded Fenders.

Simple rubber profiles for various applications that can be manufactured in almost any lengths. Supplied cut and drilled for easy and quick installation. 


Komposite Fenders.

Resilient rubber fenders with an UHMW-PE front facing plate allowing for low friction. 


Tug Boat Fenders.

Extremely robust fender types for heavy-duty and demanding tug boat operations.
ShibataFenderTeam offers the complete range of Tug Boat Fenders for all kinds of applications.


Special Solutions.

Besides standard rubber fender units we also offer highly customized products made from rubber, steel and other materials for fender and related marine applications.  


PE Sliding Plates and Fenders.

Plates and Fenders made from Polyethylene which combine impact strength with high abrasion resistance and low friction. They can be used for many applications in the marine environment. 


Accessories and Fixings.

High quality chains, accessories and compatible fixings to assemble and install fenders are an important part of each fender solution and are completely delivered by SFT. To ensure a trouble free and smooth installation on site, all components are carefully checked prior to delivery.

We deliver the following accessories and fixings:


  • Chains
  • Chain Tensioners
  • Shackles
  • Brackets
  • Cast-in Anchors
  • Chemical Anchors
  • U Anchors
  • Bolts, Nuts & Washers


SFT Bollards come in various shapes and capacities and provide safe and secure mooring even at full working load.

We deliver a variety of bollards


  • T Head
  • Staghorn
  • Pipe
  • Kidney
  • Canon
  • Break-off
  • Single Bitt
  • Double Bitt
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