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Pneumatic Fender Manual.


The new ShibataFenderTeam Pneumatic Fender Manual elaborates on the differences between the two manufacturing methods for Pneumatic Fenders that are commonly performed in the fender industry: wrapping and molding. Both methods comply with ISO 17357-1:2014, an international standard providing guidelines on essential Pneumatic Fender criteria such as material, performance, dimensions, guaranteed energy absorption (GEA), as well as test and inspecting procedures. This manual provides unbiased key facts about the product as well as a comparison of both manufacturing methods.


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What to expect from the SFT Pneumatic Fender Manual:

  • Unbiased information about the quality requirements according to the latest ISO standard
  • Comparison of the two conventional manufacturing methods wrapping and molding
  • Fender design and components for both manufacturing methods

The uniqueness of each fender project calls for a best-practice approach that is different for every manufacturer. Vital factors that determine the final quality of a Pneumatic Fender include the raw material, the design, the process control, the trained operators and many more – the decision for one or the other manufacturing method is entirely based on the manufacturer’s pool of experience.

Further information:

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Transparency and trust

The ShibataFenderTeam Group always had and always will advocate transparency in the fender industry in order to ensure quality standards that are driven by a commitment to high-performance products and a clear sense of responsibility. This is exactly what our renowned White Paper Series about fender manufacturing does.
Read more about compounding, mixing, manufacturing & curing, and soon also about testing.

Pneumatic Fender Manual.
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