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SFT Progress Seminars about PIANC WG211 'Guidelines for the design of fender systems'

The ‘Guidelines for the design of fender systems’, created by a PIANC Working Group in 2002 is THE source and well-established reference for the maritime industry ever since. With 21-years of history, the guideline is now outdated in some areas, which is why PIANC, the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, initiated a new Working Group in 2019: WG211.

They focus their efforts on updating the fender design guidelines from 2002. The goal of the industry members of WG211 is to meet the latest requirements set by stakeholders and to ensure an approach to fender design and testing that leaves no room for interpretation, including the so called Holistic Approach, a concept that SFT advocates since 2017.

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SFT offers seminars on the progress of the new PIANC 'Guidelines for the design of fender systems'

We at the ShibataFenderTeam Group are deeply committed to our role as PIANC Platinum Partner and support the association on improving industry standards as well as its recommendations.

Furthermore, we provide all of our knowledge and 60-year track record experience to PIANC in general and to WG211 specifically.

As the global leading fender manufacturer, we contribute to WG211 with chapter leads and National Section’s representatives combining several decades of expertise:


Dominique Polte Eduardo Rodero Grard Blankers

Join #LeadingVoices Dominique, Eduardo and Grard on the next session of these seminars that present the progress of the WG211 report about 'Guidelines for the design of fender systems'.

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To be expected. What is new?

PIANC WG211 update of the 2002 guidelines will include some major changes.

Among others, it will include a whole new chapter dedicated to fender testing that will emphasize the role of high-quality products and include improved testing and verification procedures.

It is also expected to provide updates on the performance requirements and guidelines for fender maintenance, and a new approach to fender dimensions.


SFT Progress Seminar

Get a head start and benefit from first-hand knowledge with SFT experts in the next session of this  1-hour seminar about the progress of the new PIANC 'Guidelines for the design of fender systems'.

These are the seminar highlights:

  • Principles of fendering
  • Berthing Energy
  • Fender System Selection
  • Fender System Components
  • Manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Specification Writing


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The seminar includes a Q&A session with our fender experts.

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Participants' Opinions on other SFT Seminars

I thought the presentation was very informative. Dominique is very knowledgeable about the services and products that Shibata offers, but also about the engineering going into the design of marine fenders. Particularly useful for me where was the discussion of panel design and the description of how to use the fender modification when selecting a fender size.

Bill (Structural Engineer, Engineering Company, USA)

It was interesting to see the vast range of fenders available and were different fenders make sense for different applications. It was also good to see how NOT to install some of the fender types.

Vicky (Structural Engineer, Engineering Company, USA)

The presentation was an excellent overview for fender design for entry-level engineers or experienced professionals. The material is very well organized and useful for our entire team. I appreciated the lessons learned from various case studies and the wide variety of applications covered. The section on rubber manufacturing and performance testing was also particularly useful. This seminar goes way beyond the typical sales presentation you typically get from other suppliers.

Matt (Structural Engineer, Engineering Company, USA)

“ShibataFenderTeam has a well-structured and easy-to-understand presentation on fender topics. It is a great introduction to the topic of fender design for entry level engineers and covers overlooked problems and considerations that are very useful to both new and seasoned engineers. The ability to select the presentation topics and tailor it to a need was a very big plus. The SFT staff and in particular the presenter, Dominique, are responsive and very knowledgeable. You will learn a lot in the presentation, but more valuable is the connection to SFT as a partner for future projects and questions. All in all, one of the best presentations on the topic of fenders I have experienced and I recommend it to any group who works in marine applications.”

Luke (Structural Engineer, Engineering Consultant Company, USA)

“Well-structured presentation useful for professionals in the maritime industry. Excellent introduction for entry-level engineers and a good refresher for more experienced professionals.”

Alfredo (Senior Consultant, Maritime Division, Engineering Company, USA)

“Thank you for your excellent presentation yesterday. It was very clear, the concepts were very well explained and it was also interesting and accessible to my colleagues who are generally not involved in marine work.”

Eimear (Chartered Engineer, Consulting Engineering Company, Europe)

“We had an excellent presentation that highlighted key decision-making points to consider for the design of new or replacement fendering system. It was a very valuable technical presentation for our staff, and I would recommend it for others. I think having some time to discuss some different scenarios with Dominique at the end that we’ve encountered in the past and to get some feedback/opinions on these scenarios was a highlight for our group.”

Stephen (Structural Engineer, Engineering Consultant Company, Canada)

“It was great to ‘meet’ you at lunchtime and thank you for a very interesting presentation. I especially liked the explanation with the energy distribution curve and the overlapping fender energy curves; it was the best explanation I have heard for how the performance factors influence fender selection. The section on panel design and hull pressures was also very interesting.”

Ned (Chartered Senior Maritime Engineer, UK)

"We recommend the seminar because it was very useful to understand the concepts and some problems that perhaps not all of us knew, it was all very clear. A very positive point was the possibility of choosing which topics we would like to hear. Thank you very much Eduardo for the quality of the presentation, the good disposition and technical handling of concepts to clarify doubts."

Cristóbal (Project Leader, Engineering Company, South America)

“Thanks a lot for all the kind support from ShibataFenderTeam. The presentation material was very informative, useful and I believe it's easy to understand by the attendants. We would be very happy to recommend your seminar for another party whenever we have an opportunity and would forward all the technical information to all the attendants. We are looking forward to cooperating with ShibataFenderTeam for other opportunities.”

Maria (Marine-Civil Engineer, Engineering Company, Asia)

"The seminar was excellent, I think the content and relevant points were very well prepared to provide a basic knowledge of the types of fenders, their applications and the variables which affect their design. I think it is an ideal opportunity for our customers since it is a niche product with no common knowledge base about it. I think it will be appreciated by the attendees and give us better opportunities to talk to them about the topic."

Hernan (General Manager, Construction Company, South America)
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