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Successful project for ShibataFenderTeam’s US office

Between the Californian US border and Panama, the Port of Lázaro Cardenas in Mexico is one of the largest and most important ports.

ShibataFenderTeam’s office in the US successfully handled the order of 28 SPC 1600 Cone Fender Systems (G2.6) and 52 T Head Bollards with a capacity of 200 tons. The fender systems were equipped with a steel panel of 6,300 x 3,100 mm size.

According to the terminal management APM, the terminal in Lazaro Cardenas is the first semi-automated terminal in Latin America.
Technical specifications and supervision was performed by a Spanish engineering company. They requested a very high quality standard to ensure that the material performs with all APM technical requirements.

See more pictures about SFT Fenders for the APM Terminal Lázaro Cárdenas on our website in the reference section.


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