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ShibataFenderTeam supplied fenders for the largest port project at the Caspian Sea

In 2016 we were awarded with the supply of fender systems for the entire new port of Turkmenistan's Turkmenbashi International Seaport, on the east coast of the Caspian Sea. Our client, the Turkish construction company GAP Insaat led the 1.5 billion USD project. Turkmenbashi International Seaport is now the largest Seaport in Turkmenistan.
Among the new ports features are a shipyard as well as ferry, container, and dry bulk terminal – and we have delivered fender systems for all of them. More than 300 Cone Fenders were delivered for the container terminal, ship yard, the ferry terminal and general cargo terminal. Cone Fenders have a high shear stability and an outstanding energy absorption per fender weight which is why they are often used for container and bulk or general cargo terminals. For the ship lift entrance we delivered PU Corner Fenders and Wheel Fenders. We also delivered about 80 recess bollards and 170 T-Head Bollards with different capacities.
Our fenders were inspected by the third party inspection company RINA and all of the delivered fenders were successfully certified.

The opening ceremony of the new port took place in May 2018. The president of Turkmenistan and many officials attended the festive ceremony as well as one of our board members together with our client and the engineering companies. It was very impressive to experience an entire port being completely equipped with our fenders.
Major challenges during the project were the time pressure due to a delivery within 1 year and the coordination between all parties involved including our client and several engineering companies.
The purpose of the project was an extensive upgrade and development of the port in connection with the new silk road initiative. The Caspian Sea is not connected to the world’s oceans but it still is an important thoroughfare.
Turkmenistan is a major link in the new silk road, and the project will strengthen the further development for the country.
We were proud to be part of such a far reaching important project.


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