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SFT supplied panel systems for largest Cone Fender installation in Poland

In 2018, the Port of Gdansk Authority started a modernization and expansion project at the Dworzec Drzewny Ouay. As the terminal was out of operation for many years, the decommissioned quay required an entire refurbishment to accommodate large vessels at the inner port again. Overall, the infrastructure project had value of about 1 billion Zloty (~ 215.000.000,00 EUR). The Budimex Group one of the largest construction groups operating in Poland, was awarded with the refurbishment of the multipurpose berth and entrusted the SFT headquarters in Germany with the design and supply of the fender systems.  

Actually, the project was designed with 107 sets of  FE 1250 Element Fender  Systems and when our engineering team reviewed the design, they realized that the Element Fenders design was unfavorable: The fenders were higher than long and their position behind the panel was not optimal either. As trusted fender manufacturer we want every single fender system to be safe and durable. Therefore, we have developed an alternative design with Cone Fenders, which is more suitable for the local berthing conditions and environment. Although there are hardly any Cone Fender installations in Poland, we managed to convince the client of the new design and got the approval by the port authority, who is very happy with the final result.  

The new design includes 105 sets of SPC 1100 Cone Fender Systems with a closed steel panel design measuring 2250 x 3610 mm and 2 sets of Corner Fender Systems. It is more robust and durable than the original design with Element Fenders. The delivery was done in six partial deliveries in the first half of 2020.  

This is by far the largest installation with Cone Fenders in Poland and we are glad to have earned the trust of our client by sharing our extensive experience about fender systems design. We wish the Port of Gdansk successful operations at the Quay Dworzec Drzewny.  (#4085) 

You can find more pictures about SFT Element Fenders at Dworzec Quay in our reference section


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