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Large refurbishment in Port of Rostock, Germany, equipped with 59 ShibataFenderTeam Cone Fenders

The Port of Rostock, the only deep-sea port along the German Baltic Sea coast, serves as a major hub for the intermodal traffic in the southern Baltic region. Strategically located, the port has evolved over centuries, adapting to changing trade routes and conditions. A large refurbishment involving several quays is underway to standardize and modernize the current fender systems, ensuring the port meets all safety and quality standards.

SFT was commissioned to undertake the comprehensive task of designing, manufacturing, delivering, and installing 59 sets of Cone Fenders (SPC 800, G3.1), with closed box steel panels (2000x3000 mm) and UHMW-PE sliding plates, 50 mm thick each.

The steel panels were manufactured for the project at SFT's own production facility in Rechlin, Germany. This local approach was crucial for the client, who was able to closely review and inspect each production step, starting from the welding process to final coating the steel panels with a special BAW Paint System. It also avoided any supply chain issues caused by the global shipping situation and allowed for weekly deliveries, reducing the need for extensive storage space at the port site.

The purpose of Rostock Port is to standardize the fender systems across all quays, requiring uniformity. SFT's in-house engineering developed an individual and customized fender solution for the Port of Rostock. This standardization is advantageous for managing spare parts and ensures efficient maintenance.

Additionally, our engineers addressed a unique design challenge: birds often perched on the fenders, causing paint and rubber deterioration. To solve this, we created an angled profile for the steel panels to prevent birds from landing. This individual adjustment ensures better material performance, eases maintenance, and extends the lifespan of the fenders.

The SFT commitment to comprehensive support–from consultation through to installation and maintenance– set us apart as trusted partner in the maritime industry and ensured a safe and reliable customized solution for the Port of Rostock. (#5694)


📷 More pictures of the SPC Cone Fenders supplied to the Port of Rostock



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