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Fender Design Seminar at Inros Lackner

Fender design workshop at Inros Lackner

Building on the successful Technical Seminars in Singapore (2017) and Indonesia (2018) as well as on the roadshow throughout the East, West and Gulf Coast of the United States in 2018, our commitment for the industry continues in 2019. The year started off with an in-house workshop at Inros Lackner (IL), Germany, who offer sophisticated architectural and engineering solutions for more than 80 years.

The maritime engineering department of Inros Lackner gathered at their office in Bremen for a half day workshop with the Hamburg based ShibataFenderTeam Group to deepen their knowledge on fender design, exchange perspectives on international guidelines and share experiences made with different fender systems. The extensive presentation covered major aspects in the fender design process and detailed, amongst others, berthing energy calculation, safety factor, rated performance data (RPD), load cases and panel design. It additionally provided worked examples and closed with information on fender testing.

ShibataFenderTeam’s holistic approach on fender design was once again communicated clearly. Putting an extensive focus just on the rubber unit and more or less ignore the requirements of the steel panel and overall design is a dangerous one sided approach to fender design, which unfortunately seems to become common practice in the industry. The positive feedback from the participants confirmed how valuable it is to cover all aspects of fender design and to pay attention to all details of engineering.

Please contact us, if your company would like to receive our training as well.


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