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FE-S Special Element Fenders for Toft Fishing Pier supplied by ShibataFenderTeam

Toft is a small village on the Shetland Islands, part of the United Kingdom. In 2019, the Shetland Islands Council decided to renovate an old jetty, Toft Pier, which was originally used as a ferry terminal in the 1970s. It had reached the end of its service life and was closed in 2016. The Shetland Islands Council commissioned the consulting company NIRAS Ltd. to design the renovation and expansion of the pier. The contract was carried out by Teignmouth Maritime Services (TMS) Ltd., which was our client for this project. With a total value of £3.5 million (EUR 4.1 million), the project is now supporting economic opportunities in the region, including fisheries and renewable energy projects.  

ShibataFenderTeam supplied 16 sets of Cylindrical Fenders (OD 500 x ID 250 x L 2,850 mm, including steel brackets and fittings) and 8 sets of FE-S Special Element Fenders (H 500 x L 2,200 mm). In addition, 17 sets of Staghorn Bollards with a capacity of 30 tons are installed at Toft Pier.  

The new 100-meter pier provides local fishermen with enhanced infrastructure that will help to improve conditions for the inshore fishing fleet and the aquaculture industry. With a total area of 1,100 square meters, it is about three times larger than the previous pier and has shore power and lighting. As fishing is a major contributor to the local economy, access to ports and maritime infrastructure on the islands is critical to the surrounding communities.   

The pier was unavailable for operations for more than four years until it finally reopened in May 2021. We are pleased to be a part of this development and hope that this wharf will bring prosperity and growth to the region. (#4275) 




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