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Educational programs and Dual Studies at SFT

The SFT AG has been training young talents since 2011. The first educational offer at the Headquarters in Germany was the dual degree of a Bachelor in Business Administration at Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), based in the city center of Hamburg, Germany. When SFT introduced the course, they were particularly impressed by the mix of practical work and academic training and the impressive progress their students made. The dual study is completed in cooperation with the HSBA and is focusing on the practical application of theoretical knowledge. Every three months our trainees change between classes at the HSBA and working at SFT Headquarters, where they are passing through all departments throughout the program. SFT is operating in a niche market which means the knowledge about fender design is hardly to learn from studying. Therefore, the in-house SFT training is a great opportunity to train real fender experts. During this time, our trainees also go through an apprenticeship as a Wholesale and Foreign Trade Merchant and therefore have two degrees when finishing the three year program. Furthermore, we send our trainees to other SFT offices to make them familiar with other cultures and to further enhance their language and soft skills. The HSBA study program includes an excursion which can be done at different locations like Singapore, South Africa or Silicon Valley.

Since 2020, we have our first trainee doing an apprenticeship as Merchant for Digitization Management, which is a profession with great future potential.

We are proud that nearly all graduates are still on-board in our international team. In 2014, today's General Manager QM at SFT AG, Jan Schulz, was the first to complete his training in SFT. He comments about his studies and the time after:

„On the one hand, being the only and first dual student at SFT meant I could participate in creating a space for following generations of students/apprentices while gaining a complete overview of the inner workings of the company. On the other hand amongst (and in contrast to) my peers at the HSBA, I was the only one working at a company that was small in comparison, but very international at the same time. After I finished dual studies, I was given the opportunity to work with our amazing team in the US office living in the States for 5 years, before returning to Hamburg two years ago. SFT and the dual studies program combining real world skills with academic knowledge, has provided me with all the tools needed to successfully do my job today.” – Jan Schulz

The HSBA is known throughout Germany for its excellent reputation. The theoretical training at HSBC received several awards and is considered to be one of the highest quality training  institutions in the country. The fifth dual student for a Bachelor in Business Administration, Robin Karg, started his training in October 2020. He says about his chosen career path:

“I decided to study with SFT as I was convinced by the hiring rate after the graduation and opportunities of being able to travel and work in the other SFT offices as well. The HSBA is a renowned university that offers students great career opportunities." – Robin Karg

For more information about working at SFT and open vacancies, please visit our career section on our website. 


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