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SFT Parallel Motion Fenders for Visby Ferry Terminal

ShibataFenderTeam has been awarded with the order for the supply of 18 Parallel Motion Fenders to Region Gotland for the Port of Visby on the island Gotland in Sweden.

The deployment of modern ferries for which the old fenders were not big enough was the initiation to provide the port with new fenders. The reason for selecting PM Fenders is the very harsh weather conditions in the Port of Visby. ShibataFenderTeam introduced these fenders to the client and their consultant in 2010 by visiting Hirtshals / Denmark. The port of Hirtshals has very similar weather conditions as the Port of Visby and in Hirtshals the SFT PM Fenders work perfectly.

The 18 SFT PM Fenders will be fitted to two of the piers in Visby, FL 5 and FL 6, and serve for the cruise liners and ferry connections. While the side fenders are equipped with FE 1600 elements, the pier head fenders use FE 2000 Elements. Having completed the fabrication of the fenders in Germany, the first FE 2000 Systems were supplied and installed with ShibataFenderTeam’s supervision on time meeting the contractor´s tight schedule.

See more pictures about SFT Parallel Motion Fenders for the Port of Visby on our website in the reference section.



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